We have a reputation for understanding what clients in the construction and engineering industry are trying to achieve and providing effective and commercial solutions.

It is always better for a client’s case to be assessed at the outset and a clear strategy agreed, together with an understanding of the costs involved.

We have a pragmatic commercial approach to construction and engineering project documentation. We believe it is of paramount importance to minimise client risks at all times.

We have a wealth of experience advising on, negotiating and drafting amendments in relation to:

  • Bespoke construction contracts

  • Performance and Retention Bonds

  • Collateral Warranties

  • Professional Appointments

  • Construction Letters of Intent

  • Contract Terms and Conditions

  • Joint Venture Agreements

  • International Construction and Engineering Contracts

  • Sub-Contracts

  • Framework Agreements Contracts

  • PFI construction documentation

  • Design and Build

Professional Appointments

We regularly advise professionals including Architects and Engineers on their appointments and the warranties they are asked to enter into.


We advise Employers, Contractors, Sub-Contractors, and Insolvency Practitioners on the impact of insolvency on construction contracts, determination of those contracts and resolving claims.

Construction Plant and Machinery

Acting for users of crane and plant we have been involved in numerous recovery cases concerning damage to plant or delays or disruption arising out of the hire and supply of plant.

Issues we are often consulted on include:

  • Loss and expense

  • ​Delay analysis

  • ​Payment

  • ​Professional negligence

  • ​Defects

  • ​Retention

  • ​Interim and final accounts

We have extensive experience of resolving disputes in the following forums:

Construction Adjudication

Adjudication is the dominant forum for dispute resolution in the construction and engineering industries, and is an area in which we have vast experience in acting for Claimants. 

This also includes extensive experience of enforcing Adjudicator’s decisions in the Courts.


We have resolved a number of complex disputes through our mediation services. Naturally our professional involvement includes every aspect of preparation and client representation in this process.


We have handled numerous arbitrations for contractors, sub-contractors and employers in the UK and internationally.


We have extensive experience of bringing and defending claims in all Courts, but particularly the Technology and Construction Court.


Negotiation continues to be an important tool in resolving disputes or in agreeing appropriate terms at the outset of a project. Our commercial approach and advice will always involve strategies which include negotiation where that is appropriate.


We have represented various contractors under the ICE conciliation process, preparing the submissions and providing advocacy at hearings.

Early Neutral Evaluation

This is a relatively new procedure that is (in our experience) becoming increasingly popular. We have extensive experience of representing both Claimants and Defendants at Early Neutral Evaluation hearings.

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Construction Law

“Research into HGH Groundworks was carried out so that you had a great deal of understanding about our line of work. This helped you to comprehend the case against us and enabled us to speak on a level which solicitors in the past have not been able to do - it meant that no time was wasted on me explaining about my company and we could start work straight away on the actual case.”

Managing Director of HGH Groundworks